Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

My New year's Eve

It is Owen's eighth birthday. He was surrounded by friends.
Owen is eight

Eight year old boys are a lot of fun. At the end of the party, son Noah threw a blanket on the floor and a huge tub of Legos. The word, create was never used. They already knew just what to do.

Some may know that my part of
Kansas, the eastern part has been under severe drought. Today it snowed and I could not have been happier. I did, however, have a doctor's appointment, so I had to take a photo of the house across from Reed medical Center, where the office is located. Thank goodness I took it. The snow stopped but resumed later.

A house across from the  office_netedited-1

I see it is snowing again. Some party goers will find some slick streets soon.

I went to the year end physical, which I do every year. Unfortunately it was at the tail end of a 3-4 week cold. The good news- so far I don't have emphysema or asthma. The bad news- I currently have the lungs of an 86 year old. There is an x-ray pending out there.
I am and have been a smoker since the 1960's. Apparently social ostracism has no effect on me. Nor does being cool and non-smoking.
I hate it. I don't want to discuss it, because I have failed at quitting so many times before. Don't bother me with stats or any of the quit smoking drugs. I hallucinate on them. It was, however, interesting, seeing Christmas presents in red and green floating through a woods in JULY... I thought it very odd, before I read the possible drug side effects.... is what. I have cut way down and I feel better. I can further cut down. I can quit. I really HURT while I was sick, if I can just remember that.Health is becoming important. No chirpy nothing from you all...I won't read it. This is such a personal battle.
In the mean time..If I can't yet fully commit to one thing...can I can commit to another?

I think I can commit to a photo a day for January. Potentially renewable in February. I love it when you post photos. Let me give that back. One month at a time.
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