Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 2..cozying in.

I love to sleep. Sometimes I don't even wait til sunset to light a few candles and have Bodie find my slippers.
I am concerned that my January of posts will all have something to do with sleeping.
I have always believed that Bear was my totem. They hibernate, then wake up in Spring very hungry They are very protective of family and children in particular. AND they love trout.
In spite of staring at Chainsaw sculpture Bears near National parks, I have never purchased one. I look at them for a very long time. But I decide that don't belong in Kansas. So I buy a small bear totem along the way. They keep my little secret very nicely.

As you can see, the sun hasn't set, but my cat candle is lit.

Jan 2 cat and candle 2

I found this candle holder at a garage sale. I love him. Sometimes he seems almost real. But my cats don't do fire. The candle is a Christmas gift. I love that too. After nearly a month, I can smell the scent of pine.

Jan 2cat and candle
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