Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 3---Dog photo day at the Lawrence KS animal shelter

Usually we shoot for a few hours on Wednesdays, but with New Year's, we are a day behind. Today we had a wide range of dogs.

Tiny elegant dogs, like Tommy.

dog_Tommy_web 3

Nervous huge pups like Zoe. Sweet as can be, but oh so scared. She doesn't have a typical Labrador soft eye. She has the alert eye of a Weimaraner. There must be a caption for her photo. I finally got her to wiggle like a lab when I gave her a bite of turkey. When I applauded her quietly, she wiggled some more.

dog_Zoe_web 3

And Julep, a very large Great Dane(probably purebred) older pup. Just a little shy, very silly and social once she warms up to you.

dog_Julep_web 3 edited-1

This is my community service. With my experience in purebred dogs and training, it all fits into one nice package. Some days we nearly cry and other days we laugh ourselves silly. We currently need a cat photographer or two. I am not as good at cat photos and the challenge of getting the dogs attention and a photo that will get them adopted is enough for me right now.
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