Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 6 Bookclub day

At my friend Bitsey's.

Bitsey's book club

Actually, we are not all geezers. Virginia was there, Cary wasn't Theryn is in the photo and Liz was off to Disney Universal studios with Maya and Anna and a trip through Harry Potter haunts in Orlando.
We always eat a fine pot luck at Book Club. Today's was at 11, so it is a bit more breakfast-like than others. I thought I hated muffins. No, I love chocolate muffins..just discovered that.
Bitsey's book club food

The book was "The Weird Sisters" by Eleanor Brown. Easy read and charming. It invites the question "Which Sister are you?" and lots of discussion on family dynamics.
Here is a print out on the author and likely discussion questions.

One of the delights of Bitsey's house is that she has birds in addition to her dogs.
Bitsey's bird
Another delight of Book Club is that "Birds of a feather. flock together."- Especially when we are of the booky sort.

Bitsey's birds of a feather
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