Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 7..seeing through a new lens

Today I had on my to do list to learn something new about my camera. I realized that I had purchased a relatively inexpensive zoom lens, some time ago. It was in the camera attachment box. Thought I would try it out. I went to the State Park at sunset. Total failure in finding a speck of wildlife, but I have an idea of how this could work.

Probably I will stalk squirrels and cardinals in my back yard tomorrow. Who ever knows what tomorrow may bring? Especially, if your to-do list is always a little vague. By some miracle I am usually able to scratch off items on the list. Three, maybe four.

But I did use the lens on a sunset out at the lake. Ice is still there. It will be gone tomorrow and maybe come again.

There is a water tower across the lake. I didn't photoshop it. It is the town of Clinton, where son Noah spent many summer hours, swimming and being free in a small town (Like, maybe 10 houses) with his best friend's family. The Mom, Carlena, I still see from time to time. I remember when I first walked in their house. It was full of books.
It takes a half hour drive around the lake to get there.
If I could walk on water or had a jet ski, it would be much faster. Maybe I should do this more often. Either one.

jan 7 sunset 4 Clinton lake_edited-1
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