Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

January 9 A story

Today was shelter photo day.
A lovely boxer type dog age age 4 was relinquished by his owner. The owner said that the dog needed too much exercise. The intake person said the dog seemed very attached to the owner.

Meet Dozer.

dog_Dozer _web 3

Apparently the former owner taught Dozer to sit and beg and shake hands.( Dozer did them all for us today.) So they must have had a good bond and spent time together. Dozer relished the petting.


He tried to please
dog_Dozer_web 2

Dozer sat for his photo. But he seemed pretty sad.


Then, when we let him be free for a minute, and this is the part that kills me, he ran to the window that faces the parking lot. And looked for the man, the car, his owner, not understanding why he was left behind.

dog_Dozer_window web
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