Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 12 Zambini-recovering bad boy

My cat Zambini is an indoor/outdoor cat. Many say that cats should be indoor only. Well, I break a lot of rules.
Zam, a neutered, fully clawed beast, has never sprayed anything, prefers the outdoors to a litter box, is really tidy in his personal habits, always hits the litter box inside, clean as a whistle, has never scratched up furniture.
But he does like an occasional outdoor fight. A month ago it was a squirrel. Zambini lost. He had slit ear, almost needing stitches. But he is now recovered.
Now, if the weather is nice, as it was a few days ago, Zam goes out looking for his arch enemy, Big Tabby. Big Tabby (BT) lives somewhere close. That is not a real name. But BT comes and hunts my bird and squirrel feeders, even in the fenced backyard. Zam disagrees with BT's boldness.
Occasionally I hear the rowling and the fight. This week was no exception.
Zambini came home with holes in his nose, like a bite and swollen scratches on his backside. I can't even put peroxide on the wounds for a few days.
But it rained and is snowing a little now. Zam has found his favorite Pendleton wool blanket and is healing. He sleeps. He eats a lot. Now that he is out of fight mode, he is very affectionate.
And he looks so innocent as he gears up for his next opportunity at a really good fight.
Jan 12  Zam's scabby nose
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