Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 21 Growing something

Jan 21  growing

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Inaugural speech, poetry, music, prayers. And the MLK music has been beautiful on NPR. All day I have felt this gratitude for being an American. Feeling like I want to do something that helps, really helps. Growing something sounds good right now.

I took off some time with daughter Liz to go to a movie. "Silver Lining Playbook" It is funny and touching. It made me realize that there have been several times in my life I have been "crazy". I just haven't been hospitalized. In this movie, everyone is a bit mentally challenged through bi-polar, anger or aggression issues,enabling, compulsive disorders, and grief. Even the normal people are, uh, eccentric for want of a better word. And then, it is a romance too. I found it just a wonderful film.
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