Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 23 Animal photos at the shelter

Our cat photographers keep disappearing. So I tried my hand at it.

cat_Black w-yellow _webcopy-1_edited-1

The Shelter employees have new cameras with low resolution. The newspaper needs higher resolution for print. It is not that hard, but it is way different than dogs.
They are closing the shelter the month of February for repairs. Most dogs are being fostered during that time for remodeling.
Also..there was a parvo outbreak and some of the puppies died. I look forward to a remodeling where every disease ridden crack and crevice is fixed.
But here are a few dogs now available for adoption.

Willie Nelson (The Shelter named him that, I think, as an interim name.)
He is all bloodhound and at age 64 I would not like to be at the end of his tracking lead. Strong, yet delicately he takes a treat from hand.

dog_willie Nelson_web 3

With the time out from Shelter photos, I need to take a little time to go visit my Mom.
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