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Jan. 25 Maya as snow queen

Some years back, when I had an antiques store, both in Louisiana and Kansas, I did a lot of costuming. To this day I keep a dress up chest of drawers for Kid play and emergency costume party help. There is a party Saturday night where you must dress as your favorite Fairy Tale, Grimm or popular fiction or nursery rhyme. Maya is the Snow queen.
Today we were trying out silver eye shadow and pale lipstick and powder. Kind of like the Narnia snow queen. I am not sure that Maya knows how to be evil. Next time we play with costumes and make-up/dress-up, I want to use black sparkly eyeshadow and make it all dark and scary.
In Kansas, snow or rain would be a blessing, considering the drought we have going on. It is hard to think of an evil Snow Queen. Tomorrow she will borrow her Mom's wedding tiara and maybe add rhinestone stickers over her brows.

Jan 25 Maya sq4

jan 25 Maya sq

Anna is going to be the Pied Piper. She has a rubber rat at home, if she goes with that version of the tale. She has a recorder type flute to play. Is that what they call them?
Liz chose the strange hat that is either Little Miss Muffet or Bo Peep.
Poor Eric is doomed. It is either spider or sheep for him, I fear... although I suggested he paint one finger gold and get a Burger King Hat for a quick Midas. If you were a young lawyer type, what would you choose?
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