Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 27 Dismal day ends well

It was dismal grey with not enough rain to matter. Back to the laundry room in the basement, just peeking around the corners long enough to make sure that no homeless person or wild animal was living there.

Jan 29 dreary door 2

THEN, thanks to your comments here and on Facebook, I went and bought a new TV. I had no idea I was living in, oh how to put antiquated technological past.

Noah volunteered to help me look. I took the Best Buy Sunday ad with me. I knew by links and info friends had sent me, that I wanted a 40 inch TV. Bigger than my old one. Clean, crisp and most of all up to date. Got the good resolution but not the internal DVD player or the recorder. I might want that sound bar some day.

I can't believe this is real. Well, it is not real, it is TV for God's sake! Either the TV actors have a good make-up person or they are all beautiful..I had never considered either possibility before.
It was on sale at Target and I got an additional 5% off for using my Target charge.
Noah lugged it home, installed it, and I can't tell you how this lifted my spirits. I CAN live in the modern age!
Meanwhile, how do I give away a fat heavy 1993 TV that works well, but not up to today's standards?
I think to myself...I need a new house to match my TV. Oh get over it, Brenda. Maybe I need one new starkly modern lamp. That could work.
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