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Jan 31 faces

Jan 31 Vet 3_  web edited-1 copy
I was called into the Shelter today to take a quick photo of our vet tech and vet at the shelter. Yes, the dog is a puppy. About 2 months old. Great Pyrenees mix. It was for a donor who helped fund our own med center.

And then on to talk with the Knology cable tech support. I am making progress on installation of my new TV but I am not there yet.

Picked up Owen after school. Here he is in the recliner eating the pears that finally ripened to perfection.

Jan 31 Owen  web _edited-2

Tomorrow I need to take a cross the plains car trip to visit my Mom in Indiana. She is 96 and it is just time for a visit. The weather looks clear but cold.
The car has a fresh battery. The shelter is being remodeled and there will probably be no photos needed while the dogs are fostered with families in February.
BUT it is February 1. My Mom doesn't have any computer connections. I will be on the road and connections at hotels are iffy.
I think I want to continue my photo a day for February. 1) Because it forces me to at least try, every day, for a good photo. 2) Sometimes I have to really search for a shot I like and sometimes the photo is right in front of me. 3) sometimes it is just a recording of time passing and 4) It makes me "see" better.
So since I threw some extra photos some days, since I make up the rules anyway, I will give myself a little amnesty on posting a photo a day for a few days and see what happens. Maybe I can post on the road. Who knows?
Is it my imagination or do I see more posts lately with a few of us trying to post more or do a daily photo? I love LJ. So I will do what I can to make it work. There is something about taking a camera and recording an image, that I truly love. There is something I like about sharing thoughts with others that FB can't offer.
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