Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Jan 31-Feb 4 Back from a journey

Went to see my Mom in Indiana. She has no internet access.
It was a visit, this time, to just see her. And see how I could help. The trip by car involves 2 motel rooms. And lots of bridges. The Missouri river the Mississippi and more.
Feb 3 long road

Feb 3 bridges

Mom closes all the curtains in order to stay safe and secure and warm. I didn't want to photograph her or her collections of pretty things that are no longer worth what they were in the 1970's when "collectible" was a key word. Especially in a dark environment
Times change. But it is still about a relationship. This one from a hotel. It reminded me of Mom.
Feb 3 relationaships

I managed to contact the cable company to restore her service from about 7 channels to 100. Apparently it was caused by power surges or outages.
I try to encourage my Mom to just talk. Past or present Topic doesn't matter. Sometimes she comes up with some jewels. New doors in a hallway.

Feb 3 Long hallway

Like the time in the early 1930's or late 1920's when the KKK gathered at the courthouse in robes. She was so afraid of them. Filling in the blanks, I think it was an election day in Vincennes Indiana. I know the town is right.
At the same time on this trip, I was reading Richard Russo's "Elsewhere" about his relationship with his own Mom. Turned out she had OCD which explained a lot of his Mom's behavior.
My own Mom lives by herself at age 95 going on 96 by doing things in a methodical manner. Very methodical.
Her father was an engineer and a bridge builder.

Feb 3 bridge 3

And how I love to be home.
Feb 3 Kansas home
I wonder if this place could be for sale. It has a tree growing from its silo. Now that is optimistic.
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