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Feb 9 Lighting candles

I cleaned house because Book Club is coming over tomorrow. It looks good. Lots of laundry done.
KU lost their basketball game.
Talked to Ben in Boston. They are snowed in, but digging out.
Last night I went to The Arts Center to see Escape from the Labyrinth - The Adventures of Theseus and Icarus. My 12 year old grand-daughters were already thoroughly familiar with this play through Waldorf School.This is an all age production with adults and children. It was the myth that Suzanne Collins used for "Hunger Games."
Staging and lighting was just brilliant. (Backlit to look more like a LOT of soldiers at war on the back curtain.) The minotaur was scary and well designed so he could be dismembered.
And it was also a part of an Improv class, so there was some very funny lines. Rick Averill does a lot of the writing, directing and staging and he always amazes me with his new take on material and willingness to work with all ages. I am so proud of our Lawrence Arts Center.It is the first charitable check I write each year.
As we were walking down the street to get an ice cream before the performance, a gaggle(does 10 make a gaggle?) of middle-school boys were walking to the play from the Ice cream shop. They all seemed to know Maya and Anna and said Hi or waved. Then I heard someone say, "Hey Justin...there's your girlfriend." And indeed we all noticed that boys brought Maya and Anna roses after the Nutcracker in December.
As soon as Maya got in the Ice cream shop, she was almost in tears. She said something like this to her Mom...."OH, boys can be so geeky and embarrassing."
But this is the first time I witnessed my grand daughters noticed in a different way. And they were very social after the play. Full of chatter about who spoke to them for the first time, on the way to the car. So it begins...
Their light is shining.
So tonight I light some candles, for girls that shine and boys first smitten and an Arts Center that makes this town so good...

feb 9 candle
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