Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Today was imaging for nodules on the thyroid, the half-thyroid, I should say. I really hope they see no need to take my better half (thyroid.)

Feb 13   Imaging

In the hallway at Lawrence Memorial South was a lovely, colorful bench painted by a wonderful Lawrence art-based outlet for at-risk kids. Van Go. These park benches are all over town.

And there was a dog walk with a good friend and time with Owen and Kellar. This is always fun. When Owen saw the dust and fur on the old Brio train set, he suggested we clean it, after I suggested that much dust and pet hair was no good for any child to breathe. Clean it we did. It is ready for play.

This might be a crappy photo.. I do what I can..but Zambini the cat actually stayed up and watched the Westminster dog show with me, last night. He was fascinated. He looked at each Group winner and pulled his head back at every close-up. A good 20 minutes. My dogs? They were fast asleep. Zambini never even watches Nature shows. It was the oddest thing.

Feb 14 Zam watches westminster
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