Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Feb 19 Light a candle

I love a candle lit at sunset. Sometimes they get put in a drawer until the right moment comes. Buddha's time had come.

Feb 17 Buddha candle_edited-1

Sometimes a little quiet is what we need. Enlightenment. All puns intended here.

Feb 19 Buddha on fire

Tonight our local cooking show on Channel Six "Jayni's Kitchen" had chef Nancy Stark from the Merc, (our fresh food/organic grocery, supporting local farmer's etc.) making lettuce Asian Wraps.

It all looked so easy and fresh. It is probably time for me to start an indoor herb garden. It is probably time for me to try some of these beautiful healthy recipes.

I can't say that lighting a Buddha candle led me to Enlightenment. I can't say it solved all problems. But it led me to one new thing to consider. And a way to be open to other ways I might be led.

Feb 219 Buddha 2
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