Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Feb 20 Photo Day at the Lawrence Humane Society Shelter

The painting project at the Shelter is almost done. The dogs fostered out to homes have not come back yet. Some of the foster homes will adopt. So this is a new group of arrivals.

I love Labs so much. The dedication to achieving, the power, the willingness to fall apart in your hands as you caress their cheeks and move on to their ears. My hands are getting arthritic. I don't like this. Could I ever control another Labrador with my know-how and not my hands? Must I move to smaller dogs in my future? So here is todays Lab that touched me. They are calling him Clifton.


I notice that many older women go for Sheltie type dogs.
They are calling her Squirt. I like her. But I wonder if there is a lot of Border collie here. I don't have the energy a Border collie demands, but if she was more Sheltie, maybe we could work this out.
dog_Squirt_web 2

I am not even looking for a new dog. But I look at each dog wondering who the new owner will be.
What is this dog's potential?
Like Zanni
dog_Zanni_web 2

Like Buddy
dog_Buddy_web 2

Like Dylan
dog_Dylan_web 3

Like Gentry
dog_Gentry_web 3

Like Bernice dog_bernice_web 3

And at home, I cut Bodie's nail too short and it bled. I have never in 40 plus years done that. He didn't whine or complain, just leave some I felt guilty as all get out, as they say. And admired labs even more.

And then, as I was waking from sleep the other morning, Emmy the rescued Golden came to snuggle and wake me up. And this time she wrapped my hand with her paws and held on. First time ever. Just held on.

Eh..I am a dog person through and through...
From my standpoint dogs give you a vision of a different world, a new awareness,not by sight, but by smell, a new protection, a new way to find your car. and a real sense of what being a pack means.
When I take dog photos, I think of their perfect home, and I also think of how this dog can help a human in ways they don't even know yet.
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