Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

In between Times

It is not much like spring and it is not much like winter.

I don't know whether to continue hibernation or get busy. I did cast some grass seed on my muddy yard after last week's rain. Maybe, according to time changes, it is time to quit falling back and time to spring forward.

Bodie needs exercise every time the temperature is less than 80 degrees and more than 40 degrees. (These are my basic range of temperatures too.) So we went out today.

I can't say that it is pretty. It just is. And we all like to be outside. The scent of earth is intoxicating and promising.

Mar 12 path

But it is muddy. Very muddy. Both of my dogs are retrievers. If they get muddy, then they do. Their paws are trimmed so they don't track in much. But the mud collects in paws and coats-mud that you never see! That is, until about a day later when you just swept and you wonder why there is dust on everything. And you brush them outside and see the tiny clouds of dirt collected.

Mar 12 mud

The fields that comprise doggie park were crop fields at one time. They still produce huge hay bales in season, if it grows well. Now when a field is cleared, the Red Cedar shows up. Undisturbed, it can form wind breaks or become a nuisance, depending on your land plan. Later, scrub larger native trees grow, often at the edge of cedar.

When the various tribes re-group in Spring for Haskell Indian College graduation and pow-wow, I see Elders at various locations, gathering cedar branches. This year I will find them and ask why they gather these branches. In the meantime, I just walk and notice. I get stronger.

Mar 12 beside the cedars
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