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Perfect Spring Day in Lawrence Kansas. Got up to 83 degrees. I was up early to watch Kellar, then off to doggie park with Marilyn's dog dog Daisy, my Em, my Bodie. Marilyn thinks that everyone thinks their dogs are perfect. I don't. Maybe it is too much experience with dogs that tells me every dog has their flaw. Marilyn's husband, Gary, thinks Daisy is the perfect dog. :) Even though I know she chewed some inappropriate items...Love is love. They don't do much wrong and they do a lot right. That is where the love begins. I would be the last person on earth to correct Gary. He is such a good guy! And if your dog is perfect, then it is!

I had tree climbers and tree trimmers all day. They charged half what anyone else would. Got some firewood for next year. A lot of work was done. I paid extra. The thick parts and stumps will go towards city mulch, they tell me. And I believe them. I asked only that they not disrupt any squirrel nests.
A year ago, squirrel nests were cut down and inside were baby squirrels. I had to deliver them to foster care. But that night the mama squirrel gave an opinion out loud in her loss and I thought, okay, never again. She, that squirrel gave me a mournful sound at Sunset.

Do you know that squirrels trill and sing at sunset? They do when they are happy.

In the meantime, I have this re-arrange the house going on. If it is light, bring on the light. Bring on simplicity. We know, one day it will be very very hot. If it is deep winter, bring that on too. And the blankets and dark.

But for now, I am into light and simplicity. Just about ready to change my dining room light into a huge paper lantern for summer. For now, the cats benefit, with lighted dining. And then maybe twinkle lights will go into my one shelf of plants.

Mar 16 Kitty dinner

I re-arrange the art I love,

And I find little treasures in drawers. Bobbi -are you listening..? LOOK!

Mar16 Bobbi
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