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Lawrence KS Humane Society photos today LONG Wednesday post

I know lots of friends here on LJ are far away. It is a record of what I do on Wednesdays. And a record that could really be duplicated in most shelters in the USA.
Today, my companion photographer for the day and usually for the year was Havana. She takes wondrous photos and I am trying to get her to post more. I swear, she absolutely squeals for the cute factor of small dogs. So I hand them over just to see her put some photos on her super Canon and others on her Iphone. Havana is a hoot!
So here is my flock for the day out of a field of about 20 newcomers.

Alexa cute and pliable terrier. She will probably we adopted tomorrow, if anyone has any sense.
dog_Alexa_web 1

Deacon- who is HUGE. Maybe part Bloodhound..look at the ears...not a triangle and very long. Sweet mouth when treats are offered.Quiet nibbly thing.
dog_Deacon_web 4

Diana is a lovable pittie. She listens. For me, that is the first key to a good dog.

dog_Diana_web 3

Georgia-is all alert. And I have no idea her breed mix. I look forward to spring when I can see more reactions to new environment. To me, she is like a bright sun small German shepherd. But I have learned when you guess at breed mixes, you are more often wrong than right.

dog_Georgia_ web 4

This is Azalea. I liked her attention giving face. Herding dog are out of my realm. I have little experience here. And besides, I think she is pretty.

dog_noname_web 1

Only two more... I refuse the cut. Skibble dee-dee right on through my Wednesday posts. Not everyone is into it, but we do transfer dogs long distances when asked. There is a huge network of volunteers that do this. almost German Shepherd, maybe half Huskie. Huge intelligence and dignity in this dog. You ask, you get. I'd really like to have the time to explore German Shepherds fully.

dog_Sterling_web 1

And then there is Sasha.. Some german shepherd..some Husky. I think she was raised in a pen. They say she is 11 months. She has not lost her curiousity or willingness. She is interested in becoming a full, trainable, loving dog. That is my intuition here. And usually that intuition is pretty good.

dog_Sasha_web 4
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