Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A huge weekend

Son Ben came into town from Boston with basketball tourney tickets ( a Christmas gift from his wife Beth) for KCMO Sprint Center. Now, Mind you.. at that time we had no idea of who the Kansas team was or wasn't. ..nor where they would play, nor the ranking they would get in NCAA Championships. It was a winning weekend for KU. It was a winning weekend for Wichita State.
Well Ben took his Dad, Brother Noah and Brother in law Eric to games. I have no interest in crowds or stairs. They all had so much fun. We watch those games at home.
Kansas City is 45 minutes from here.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk. Limestone. Fossils included. We are the ancient sea, you know..turn over a rock as you travel though..see fossils.

Mar 24 basketball

BUT..winning is not just a team thing. We have to prepare pep signs. We all have our customs to make Kansas University win. At my house, we make posters. Last week, the theme was our favorite players. We didn't get to that part into almost game time. Anyone can add to anyone's poster.
Last week we had Travis R. and Withey and Kevin Young's hair. Well, it worked nicely. We need to add to this week's posters a lot more players.

mar 24 signs

In the middle of all this, a small snow storm. It is not serious. Grandkids and I discussed if they should bring snow shovels to next Sunday's annual egg hunt or not.

mar 24 snow

I review the entry. Photo sizes are messed up. I don't care. I have slept half the day and will sleep more tonight
The best message of snow is sleep. Spring is out there, I will be ready. Watch me.
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