Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Got that basketball season hangover and I didn't drink a drop

KU lost. We are sad. And it takes me at least 24 hours to get over it. Late last night and early this morning the town of about 85,000 was silent.
My family watches the show at my house, since they don't subscribe to Cable TV. That is a conscious decision on their behalf. But during tournament time, the living room is packed. As you can see, the game was not going well.

KU Basketball

I want to watch Wichita State play tonight, but I also don't want to watch. I think I will turn the game on and walk through the living room pretending I am not interested. Wichita State is a much smaller school, in Wichita, a much larger town. Someone in Wichita might have assembled your last airplane.

The best thing about last night was hearing kids play outside in the spring air. They wanted to dig a large hole in my back yard. I said they could, but not til I purchased a tree to put in it. I used to do that at our lake cottage in Michigan. I called them elephant traps. Unfortunately I dug them on the small strand of beach and people complained because they were falling into them while they walked. My Dad's words "NO MORE ELEPHANT TRAPS!" So I have given it up for years.

Tomorrow is Easter and I am somewhat prepared. But I am tired tonight.

The other day the Public radio announcer said he refused to tell us about Monday's weather. (I now understand that it is sleet and some snow.) March can be a difficult month in Kansas. And April likes surprises.
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