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Wednesday means dog photo day and other things.

Shelters across the country are competing in a challenge for $100,000 grant. It involves how many adoptions your shelter makes. But it also relies on intake and live release rates. You get points if your dogs are adopted at another Shelter, if they are not moving well in your part of the country. So there are a lot of transfers. There is a lot I don't understand about the rules. But I do understand that a lot of the photos I took today were of older (or at least Mature) dogs. That is a bit unusual. I could see the limitations in training and socialization.
But does it matter where they came from? Mostly I don't ask many questions. I try to give each dog the best chance through a photo. And our Shelter in Lawrence Kansas has adopted dogs to people that adore them, that in my snooty fashion thought were not going to be adopted. God forgive me judgements of all sorts! Human or otherwise.

If I were to guess, not judge, I'd say Dolly was a farm dog who lived outside. She likes treats and is very adaptable.
dog_Dolly _web 2

Vegas is a very un-groomed social dog. This dog needs trip to the groomer! Other than that..fine almost Scotty or something!
dog_vegas_web 3

Wilma is a sort of Bassett. She came in with her sister Betty. They are not used to the crazy Shelter life.
dog_Wilma_web 5

Hund is a hunky Pointer of sorts that has that quiver-waiting-for-the next bird thing. he looks like a good boy to me. I'd love to see him after he ran a bit. I wonder if he hunted.
dog_Hund_web 4

And then there is Stitch. Full of life. But she is 10 years old. Many small dogs live to age 15-20. She has the adorable factor going for her. I always wonder if her owners died first.
dog_Stitch_web 2

Who knows where they all come from?
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