Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Cleaning out

So far, I have taken 3 bags to charity, with 3 more tomorrow.
Noah can use of my $5. dressers, from garage sales, that I always intended to paint. Daughter Liz has spoken for my mysterious $5 garage sale potato bin ? or good pet food organizer...another $5. find!

Stuff- Excellent cupboard for pet foo

It will come in handy when the mice try to come inside in the fall. But, then, now they have a kitty. Maybe it will just be an organizational tool. Or maybe it will just be donated to the resale Habitat for Humanity sale. (love the people who man the store. The point is, I am getting organized.

Stuff- kitchen

I have freed about 4 ft. of counter space.

My tulips have not blossomed. But way back, in the back of the grocery is the discount area, where I found some tulips for the table. I like looking at flowers through the lens.

flower tulip  web
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