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Sometimes I wish...

Sometimes I wish I didn't feel so much.

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Today, I could barely walk, my knees and feet hurt. This sometimes happens, but today it felt like an empathic reaction to events in Boston.

In the past, I am convinced that certain illnesses I have had were directly related to a relationship.

In my small house, old Bodie had a day where he could not walk. Turns out he has arthritis and thyroid disease, the very same illnesses which I have and had.

Good health starts at home. It is a realization that we must help in any way we can, even if we don't know who exactly we are helping. We have a relationship with the rest of the world.Something is wrong in the mind that sought to maim. How do we reach that person before they set on their course?

It is the clerk, the mechanic, the student at your kid's school who doesn't speak English, it is the high schoolers with crazy hair, the guy who cuts in line on the Interstate ramp, the person whose music you don't like, the employee that seems irritating or the charity that needs some money....promoting Peace in the world? The list is endless. Kindness and tolerance and maybe more. Each of us has our own way. Every single day.

My drawing class has helped so much. It is not about representation of a body or face floating in space. It doesn't just float in an arbitrary space. It has contours and depends on gravity. It is ALL about relationships. Relationships to where it is right now. Where is it in relationship to its space? Where is the light and where is the dark? And recognizing the negative spaces as well as the positive spaces.

There is a Native American (?) saying that goes something like this- "What tree would be so foolish as to cut off its own Branches?"

We are all related and depend on one another. What we do matters. We are all in this together. It is part of a bigger picture.

Pear blossoms web
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