Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

What a week this has been! On Boston and more.

The skies have been mostly gray all week in Kansas. It must be a reflection of the national mood.

I need to get my thoughts in order. I have always been afraid of clowns, but now I am pretty sure I will add Elvis impersonators, given tonight's news. Elvis and his wanna-be impersonators have always struck me as someone to steer away from..

When I am in a city I typically am watching people to get clues on how they live and what they like. Observing people is probably a good trait to keep.

Just pass gun registration and background checks, okay? I'd even say you could have an assault weapon, if it had to have advance written permission to travel outside your home.

I like hunters with bird dogs. I love the wide open spaces where they work together. I used to be able to shoot a shotgun, although it about bowled me over. I am not so keen on killing and eating ducks, quail, pheasant. Personal taste, I guess. Or not the proper chef.
But I admire the skills hunters have instilled into the bloodlines of hunting dog breeds. Now they are very good at search, rescue and bomb detection., let alone Guide dog and Therapy dog work.

If I had Emmy trained to bomb detection, which would be fairly easy to do, we would be the picture of a bouncy Golden retriever and an old lady. We would never be suspected. We could go anywhere! We could tattle immediately to the authorities on our suspicions. Old Bodie could have done that work. Emmy would probably either sit up and beg or roll over if she detected a bomb. The FBI hasn't asked for our services, yet.

A long time ago, in Boston, with Beth...We were headed home from somewhere. We were on the T, headed for Somerville, when the Hospital shifts changed. It was so crowded. All the hospitals are in pretty close proximity to one another. Med students, nurses, janitors, volunteers and probably doctors all on one bus. Standing room only. I thought to myself that they should stagger the schedules a bit, instead of all leaving and arriving about 5. As things turned out, this week, it was probably a very good time to have so many medical professionals, headed to work, or staying late.

As a serious amateur photographer, I get annoyed at people in crowds, with their cell phones and laptops, taking photos,blocking my view of an event. Maybe I was wrong on that too.
Store surveillance cameras are also annoying. They always make me want to fix my hair. But I think they are a very good thing after all.

I still feel sad for Boston, but proud of Bostonians at the same time.

Tonight I made a spaghetti dinner. I am pretending I am in a cozy place in the South End. The candle is lit. I think I will find a tablecloth too.
These little ceremonies mean nothing in the scope of things, I suppose. It is just the way I do things.
Clarify my thoughts. Think across the miles with good will. Send love.
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