Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Rain all day

And I love it. It is daughter Liz's birthday and we met for breakfast at 7:45, which is an hour of the day when I am usually incoherent. I napped. Then I got on a project and missed my grandson's reception at the Arts center for a recognized grade school artist.

water sign web

Water. Rain. Add sunshine and we may have a good plant year, after all. Is the drought over?

I watched some videos from Netflix that I have had in my house for over a month. "Queen of the Bees" is a marvelous little documentary about bees. They are dying off. In our part of the country it is the corporate farms and their use of insecticide, that is a problem. Or it can be an agri-mono culture.Where you grow basically one thing and there is no balance of nature.
In California, tons of bees are imported just to pollinate the almond trees. But once the trees are pollinated, there is very little food left for Bees to establish colonies and nothing to feed on.

Much more in this little film. If the beekeepers feed the bees drugs to keep them alive, these are passed on through honey. Then we eat the honey and wonder why our anti-biotics aren't working in January's flu.

The beekeepers are practically mystics. So be kind to your local organic bee is an act of health and love. And most of all the future.

I planted a baby apple tree this year. I have lettuce planted in big tubs. It seems to be surviving. I have an urge to plant some giant sunflowers and some colorful flowers. Diversity. It is all about diversity.

The whole day gave me great inspiration to plant more.
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