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Dog Photo day

Dog photo day is also my day with Owen in the afternoon, so I rarely get through the editing in one day.

I have not put plants out. I thought I'd wait for the May snow to finish. MAY SNOW? Get outa here! There are impatiens in the garage, thinking about warm soil. That is all I have purchased. Except for the teeny apple tree that is scared to death to even produce a leaf. Money back guarantee and replacement on that one. I watch and wait.

I get out of my meditative winter state and into my busy spring active state and must take two steps back wards. That's okay. Got two videos for the weekend and the rest of the week. "Life of Pi" and "Les Miserables". Missed them in the theaters. I wait to watch them, like I wait to eat chocolate.
I'll put on my eye protection goggles that I use with the sander and see if I can turn Life of Pi into three-D. That's a joke, friends. I already read the book. Long time ago it seems.

So tomorrow, my painting class at the Arts Center. And the rest of the editing at the Shelter.

For tonight... Two Puppy photos..I think they are already spoken for. Mac and Jax. Undoubtedly shelter-given names.



There are more.. but here is this huge slobbery dog, with marginal manners, who is nice as can be.. maybe half something and Boxer and I am thinking...these photos are not going to work. Then later I am surprised that someone took a chance on this dog and send back photos to say how happy they are. Here is Elliot.
dog_Elliot_web 5

I think Elliot has a maple leaf on his butt...or maybe a bird.

dog_Elliot_might be Candian
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