Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Exhausting week

Evening meetings eventually get to me and tire me out.

Nineteen dog photos taken and edited. For me that is about 5 hours editing at home for 2 at the Shelter. And then there was the too happy pit mix who bloodied her tail by wagging too much. And then she flung it all over the walls and I had to say STOP. We will get her next week outside. The medical folks came right away to fix her up. I think they call this Happy Tail. My Lab Bodie has done this before at home.

I have barely responded to emails or posts anywhere. Gradually I delete all the foolish ads on my email account. I don't need Viagra. Trust me on this...
I am planning a weekend to get my energy revived.

But since you are so kind regarding my dog photos, you get more! A lot of good dogs pass through. My house is full. There are networks that give car travel to dogs adopted out of state. God bless those people that do it. We have frequent trips between Lawrence Kansas and Boulder Colorado. We will have more from June-August. If a dog doesn't find their right home here. it still gets another chance. Same for Boulder CO dogs. They come here frequently.

Here we go on photos. Just so you know, before they even come up for adoption, they have temperament testing.
Bailey of the snaggle tooth
dog_Bailey_web 2

Figgie-smart and cute and probably already adopted
dog_Figgie_web 2

Fox is part Golden and has a world of silly in him.
dog_Fox_web 3

Queenie has a lot of Boxer in her.
dog_Queenie_web 4

Sasha must be already adopted. Cute. Lively. Smart. Britainny
dog_Sasha_web 3_

Last one for this week's post is Sumac. I love her ear and general attentiveness. Probably some Shepherd in there... I am not sure I will ever be smart enough for a shepherd. But she tempts me.
dog_Sumac_web 3
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