Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

I guess I was really exhausted last week..but I am back... dance program

Felt sick on dog photo day. So that was a bust. Thankfully,Havana, who is a really good photographer stepped in.

So today was grand daughter Kellar's first ever on stage dance program at the Arts center. Maya and Anna are "old hands" at this. But it was Kellar's first. She did well. When all the other 4year olds, well, most, because my eyes were glued to Kellar, missed the moves, she kinda had it. Her cousins, Maya and Anna, who are age 12, were happy to pose for photos with Kellar

I think it means a lot when big kids, especially cousins, recognize your successes.
So..a day of family photos.

Kellar 1strecital age 4

KM first recital k

AKM ballet 2_edited-1

I also think that a success in one area leads to a success in other areas. It might not even be the same area. Or it might be.
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