Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Family in May

I am just getting to some photos I had not looked at. From the little camera that is a real work horse.

Here is one of Owen, tucked in a bass case during the chilly Art in the Park. I think it was cozy there.

May owen art in park case web

What is it with us (family) and restaurants? One time at Free State Owen took a flash photo of the waiter and the waiter went away for a very long time, acting as if he was blinded for life. What is up with that? I always get a private room

Is it because groups under tip? Maybe if we reserved under a different name- like the Brenda Gadd Family Trust group. I am pretty sure female tippers have not been generous in the past. So I kind of over do it. Just to make it a point that females don't under tip. I always think of it this way...I am grateful I have never done waitressing except for that one time at age 17 when I hired on at a Howard Johnson's and got the uniform and rubbery shoes and everything and discovered that the used plates made me throw up. Dry heaves . It was a swell costume concept, but i gave it away.. turquoise checks and all.

So here is my perfectly normal family.

May family portrait 2_edited-for web

Really, we reserve the private room. We are polite. And if kids put straws behind their ears and I ask them to take them down when service and order comes. They are cool with that.

May intimidating servers
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