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What is my ancestry? Shelter photos. Gene testing

Do you know that a lot of dogs in Shelters listed as pit bulls are not at all? Not even a speck. Unfortunately gene testing is not very affordable except by an owner with the will to learn. Shelters can't currently afford this testing. But the whole thing interests me.

So today I had a friendly faced dog -one with a face I recognized in some way. It looks kind of like a Border Collie, but it doesn't have the light agile bone structure or the burning for achievement eyes.
My suggestion was a Golden retriever/Springer Spaniel cross. Take your own guess.


And a face shot.
dog_Bernie_web 5

And then there was Riley. She already knows sit, down and shake, But who the heck is she?
dog_Riley_web 2


What to do with that speed hound face? The strange brindle?

Once upon a time AKC was king. Purebred meant everything.Pedigrees and ancestors mattered. It still means a lot in attitude, confirmation or probable diseases.. And I do love Purebred dogs. But puppy mills got into providing Purebred dogs for petstores. Yes, they had pedigrees. And they were often mass produced in deplorable conditions. And problems with specific breeds and breeding programs were ignored. Only USDA or state agencies can shut them down.
I still believe in reputable breeders. They will give all sorts of information and take back your dog if you are dis-stisfied. Often or usually for a refund. Guide dogs and Service dogs would not exist without a very thoughtful breeding program.

In the meantime, I wonder about the dogs that come into shelters. How did they come to us? Did the owner think that dog was something that it was never meant to be?

dog_Riley_web 4

And who is this lanky dog named Pluto that responds to treats so well? And otherwise is considered kind of crazy?

dog_Pluto_web 1

Week by week, I take the photos, often left with a sense of wonder and more questions. And then someone comes through and "gets" who that dog is and they come to forever homes. People amaze me as much as the dogs do.
That is why I do this.

AND the featured dogs are currently available at Lawrence KS Humane society.

Oh- one more for the road.
dog_Copper_web 2

She looks like an ordinary dog and then I get her out and she can sit and beg and goodness knows what else. Somebody loved her. We call her Copper.
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