Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Another dog photo day

I think I will put some dogs on my FB page and some here.

I normally don't like terrier types. Sorry, guys..But I think this wire-haired dog is actually a miraculous cross or perhaps a herding group breed or a bearded collie or something. Adorable. She might already be adopted. As soon as someone sees her. ..she will be adopted. Abigail. This is the dog type that should be in film.

dog_Abigail_web 5

And then, there is something about an oldish, as I consider myself oldish ... beagle. Daphne. Wrinkles are beautiful.

dog_Daphne_web 4

Even in dog adoption there are some tangles. Petango handles our computer program, inventory and up for adoption. Because we subscribe to Petango, we cannot list on our home page for Petfinder. Separate company. It must be separate.

There is out there, a vast network of volunteer transportation, from one part of the country where certain breeds are not as adoptable geographically as they are else where.
If you or someone you know wants a certain dog, the humane network can get them to you, with a little patience.
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