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Boston visit

I won't tell you where I ate, which was world class wonderful and a true highlight of my trip...or how wonderful Ben and his wife Beth are...which they are. And love each other with day by day caring..
Tonight it is about my son's father-in-law Neil, who is married to the wonderful Anne, for fifty years. And it was at the 50th wedding anniversary that Neil and I slipped into conversation.

My last name is Gadd, which I chose to keep after husband 2, Dale, a friend for years before, died, within 2 years of being married. That is another story. Grief is always a tough path. Gadd is one of the lost tribes of Israel. And here is one, by marriage, planted in Kansas.
Neil, my son Ben's Father-in-law by marriage into the good Irish Catholic Massachusetts clan of Murphy taught a class in Bible as Literature.
First we talked a bit about lost tribes, which led us into stories about names and I named my Ben Benjamin, as Biblically- beloved younger son,
And Neil pointed out that, Benjamin was the son of the left hand, not the right which rules inheritance, hand or other rights.
We branched out into, within ten minutes, many things we could discuss.

And how the story of Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac upset in his experience..trauma with fundamentalists and in my case trauma with atheists. And he went on to say how this isn't quite the true story. Bible as Literature, he taught. We could have talked for hours. But it was a celebration of a 50 year marriage.

How wonderful to walk into a conversation that really interests you! With a very good man that you know is a very good husband,father, and grandfather...and father-in-law too.

Boston Neil_for web
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