Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Photo day at the Lawrence KS Humane Society shelter

Good news. Now, our Shelter page powered by Petango has a link to Petfinder!
Some of todays dogs.

Daisy, a rambunctious young pit bull mix, shows her vulnerable side.
dog_Daisy_web 2_

Lexi, another rowdy pit bull mix is waiting for treats to coerce her.
dog_Lexi_web 3_

Shultz is a really neat GSD. He responds in a gentle almost golden retriever manner.


Toad knows how to work it.
dog-Toad_web 5

Fitzgerald is a very smart puppy. He is huge. He is less than six months old so he had to be carried through the shelter to the photo room. God Bless Janice, one of our best volunteers. This dog knows sit, down and high fives. Amazing.
dog_Fitzgeral_web 2

dog_Fitzgerald_web 5

And now for a few puppies.. Meet Betty.
dog_Betty_web 4

Or meet Desha..
dog_Desha_web 2

So what are you doing looking through dog photos? It is a holiday! Go play.
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