Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Day for Shelter photos.

Only one to include today, Cutest puppy ever. So full of himself, So inquisitive.
BUT..I bet he is part Border Collie. I almost got a Border Collie 11 years ago. I have no sheep or cattle to herd and I felt I would be offering a boring life.
Retrievers have been good to me. They know how to "wait".
Border collies want to "do".
And is there a part of me that is intimidated by a breed of dog that is smarter than me?
Um, probably, my retrievers are smarter than me. We agree about congregating in front of the woodstove or fan depending on the season. We agree on romps in chilly fields for no particular reason. We agree that dog tricks are funny and good. We agree that all children are good and exciting and interesting by what they do.
So here is one cute puppy.
dog_Ames_web 4
He is waiting to see what I have to offer. Ames is the name.
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