Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Keeping the peace of the mountains

I am trying hard to keep the peace of the mountains and the water. Sometimes Life is so distracting from the things that are truly important.

My life works best on slow speed. I don't need things advertised on TV. Heck, I don't need the programs on TV most of the time. I don't need to be on the cutting edge of news or people's lives. Bad news travels quickly, without any help from me. Good news will reach me in its own good time.

I read a great quote from Anne Lamott's book "Grace Eventually". I hope I get it right. "You may have the monkey off your back, but the Circus is still in town." I found this book in the Colorado cabin. Serendipity. Rule was, take one, leave one. I think we took three and left two, between all 11 of us. I hope someone realizes that they are recent and top sellers. Still, I got the best of the trade. Just what I needed.

CO abstract lake web

CO Noah's deer photo_web

The deer photo was taken by son Noah. We wouldn't have seen it, had he not held the camera and been offering his shoulder on a trail I couldn't complete with my rocky knees.

CO Trail Ridge_web

This reminds me of the Indigo Girls lyric- "There's more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line."

And what things occur to me? Family is important. People you can trust. People who are kind and darned talented and interesting too. If it isn't a blood relative, find the family. Create it.

Take some chances. Try the hike even if you don't make the destination. Look along the trail. Like Kellar does. She sees all the wildflowers as individuals.

Co K eyes for web

And Owen- just be happy, when you are happy. Nothing more is needed.

CO Owen on dock  web 2

Most things in life are trivial. Lots of them will hurt you more than you know you can hurt. Life doesn't play favorites. You or someone you love may die before their time. And it is painful. More than you can explain.

But interspersed in that are magical moments. Go outside.

My marigolds love the heat. They are unaware of chiggers and mosquitos and bills to pay. They are not jealous of the mountain poppies. Just content to be who they are, where they are. I bet they will last until November, just doing what they do as best they can.
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