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August marigolds

Got back on Thursday night from Indiana visiting my Mom, who has recently moved into Assisted Living. Mom is 94 and looks great. She kept falling at home, so my brother and I felt this the best and safest living choice. Mom is not happy with it, yet she seems happier than she has been in years. Perhaps it is having dinner served. Perhaps it is having someone check on you many times a day. Perhaps she is finally taking her drugs and not forgetting them.

When I had dinner at the complex, with Mom, our table mates were a blind woman and a nearly deaf woman. The blind woman needed some help with cutting her food. The deaf woman couldn't pick up on conversation, unless she watched my lips. Yet, here were two intelligent women you could see it and hear it. The deaf woman was not all the way deaf. You could see the rapid response in her eyes. The blind woman was not really blind. Her eyes no longer opened due to a neurological problem. She used to work on a computer and play the organ. She missed those things.

Every person there, seemed truly sad to leave their homes. Unless you start a conversation, sometimes they just stare at their plates or look into space. I posted this on Facebook, because it it seemed so like my visit. It is a sad song. Getting old is sad sometimes. We all want to stay at the party.

But now I am home and the Marigolds aren't bug eaten, but thriving in the rain and sun. They must have forgotten that they live in Kansas and dream they are in Mexico or even India.

 Aug Marigold web
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