Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Dogs and Chiggers

I saw this face at Shelter photo day and I just love her. She is sad and shy. My house is way too tiny for 2 dogs and 2 cats already. But I love her. I would love to see this dog smile. Find a good home.
Our Shelter makes frequent delivery/exchanges with shelters in CO and western Kansas. I can't get her any further west. Her name is Prissy, but she is not that.

dog_Prissy_web 6

Yesterday, knowing I'd be spending some time in the dog exercise yards, I sprayed down with insecticide, which I just hate.
I missed the back of my knees, Apparently chiggers just climb up your pants looking for creases in your skin. I have plenty of creases. The backs of my knees are hideous. I think they bit right into the lumpy old age veins. Sheeze. I couldn't sleep well last night.
They say, the chiggers (who measure about 1/150 of an inch) bite in, but by the time you itch the chigger is long gone. (Nail polish to smother them is useless, since only their spit remains.) I have chigger spit in me. And it itches like crazy.
Last night I did a benadryl spray. Mildly effective. Applied the product Afterbite. Nothing.
Then I got online looking for cures.
This far, I have put Listerine on all the bites. Effective but not long lasting.
Tonight I go radical. I mix Vick's Vapo- rub with salt and rub it in. Then go to sleep and everything will be all better in the morning. I have my doubts, but I am that desperate.
Just FYI..typically chiggers won't bother you less than 60 degrees or if the air temp is over 99 F.
I am so stuck with the rest of Kansas summer.
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