Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Working with dogs

Trying to get better than the grassy field thing. Trying to set up a little studio, right there in the shelter.
There is a model being pushed to shelter directors right now....costs about $700. Includes a huge studio light.(I want it) Muslim fabric background.
Today I tried my own set-ups.
Here is the thing...when there is a shelter outbreak of ringworm or kennel cough or PARVO virus. Everything has to go. You can do partial cleaning..but really everything has to do it right.
So, to set up a studio..

One Hardware Utility light and extension. Need one more. Two foam core board tri-folds for background. A rug. Must be able to trash the rug. I will work on finding disposable or washable everything.

But, today, the experiment worked out. It will get better.

Look at this month's PHOTO graphic Volume 19 "Your Home Photo Studio". I think this can be done.

dog_bear_web 4

But from time to time, anything that a dog or cat touched, must be effectivly laundered or tossed. It adds huge considerations to what should be a routine set-up.

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