Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Kitty photos

It has been unbearably hot here. I usually don't go out when it is so hot. I get an upset stomach and feel nauseous. Followed by inexplicable diarrhea. (I just thought you'd like to know...)
Today I went to a friend's house and took some kitty portraits. Cats are not my strong suit. I don't know exactly how to get them to look at me, so I use ribbon and streamer type toys.
In a home or even at the shelter, I am experimenting with cheap backgrounds, like plain color foam core board and a utility light.
I was pretty satisfied with today's results.
But here you go...I need some feedback.
Which one do you like best and why? We'll just call them in the order presented ..1,2 or 3.
Thanks in advance.

AB kitty 3_web

AB kitty Z 2_web

AB kitty Z_web
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