Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Negligent me

I have not kept up here. Trying to keep up with a volunteer job for our kennel club dog show in October, reserving spaces for vendors and grooming. Last year I do this, I think.
The normal weekly photos for the Shelter and newspaper.
Some really creative times with grandkids.
Worrying about clearing my Mom's house. She is now in assisted care.
And The second dog, Emmy the Golden, turned up very lame after 25 minutes at dog park. That makes 2 dogs and me somewhat lame in this house. I get discouraged. We all need those walks.
I am trying to order curtains, but I didn't know about the company. So I just ordered the Cambridge black in a valance. I like it. Cats like it open. But I think I will buy the curtains for winter when I work late in the computer room

Pen in window_web

Today I made a momentous discovery. I am doing a lot of business stuff for me and a lot of volunteer work for others. It DOES take time.
So today, I did what I meant to do- Time totally for me. My needs were FIRST on the list.
I didn't catch up with every little happening on the news or Facebook. I didn't listen to the radio or TV. I didn't answer the phone. I sat down with my art and made things.
Writing has been gnawing at me too. I think I need to set time apart.
I am not sure "modern Life" or constant communication agrees with me. I imagine this will become more pronounced as winter comes and I saw a few logs for the fire.
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