Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

I am crabby and I don't know why

Yes, Wednesday is photo day at the Shelter and I wonder sometimes if they just want a lot of crappy photos or just some medium ones. Photos in the grass tend to be medium attractive, depending on the beauty of the dog, But they are juxtaposed on our web site with just horrible photos of dogs by staff.. at intake, I guess,,Leashed to tables. lots of background clutter. I gave them a good camera and have yet to see results.
Maybe they sold it to raise money. Can't ask.
I have personally supplied a lot of photo boards, flood lights, flashes, carpet. Some dogs need that. This one didn't.
"The Bluest Eye"
dog_Denali_web 3

And then there were, one after another, dogs who must have been in runs or cages or on chains. My handler, Ramona,who I love to bits because of her kindness,had been scratched. pounced on with muddy paws by numerous dogs today.The scratches produced blood. Why oh why do people ignore training in dogs, especially at a young age? The dogs are not aggressive...they just don't know.

At one point, it really pissed me off. I came on with commando voice that I wasn't sure was within me, and told that dog to sit. It made me mad that he was pulling and pouncing and hurting my friend..and daggone if he didn't respond to my imitation male voice.
Tito.. beautiful , but rude.
dog_Tito_web 4

I went on into baby-sitting and a thing I meant to go well, but this one day, I was willing to object to behavior.

Maybe i was already crabby.
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