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Political thought

I originally posted this photo on Face Book of Otis, a dog leaning right, but might be bi-partisan
dog_Otis_web 2
This whole week of political posing has left me exhausted. I wonder if the whole country took a strike day..just didn't go in to work...nothin' happened...I wonder if that could influence Congressional behavior? Like after the weekend, when everyone gets back? Just strike. Monday.

I'll be frank. I believe we can do a nation wide health care and I believe it will end up being good for Insurance Companies. Maybe doctors too. And if it isn't, I will be the first to suggest..."It is not working." I think Fear is a big component here. And change is scary.
I believe it has basically nothing to do with passing a budget. So pass a budget and then challenge "Obamacare" any way you want. I don't understand how Congress thinks a law that has been passed can be included in a bill.
I will personally be sending a small contribution in 2014 to anyone who is running against certain members of Congress.
I wish every bill could be passed on it's own merits. No add-ons, amendments. etc. Does anyone besides me think this is stupid? "One thing at a time and that done well...This rule will serve you very well." Who said that? besides my grandmother? Make it simple. There is this question and there is that question. They can be decided separately. And one is already law.
And , my final conclusion to the week is.. I no longer care what Congress says or does. Let us with it. Helpers step in to help... wherever you are..however you can.
I no longer want to participate in this, even as a viewer. It is too painful. Too illogical. Too full of ego.
But you know, I will still watch this unfold. Take a day off tomorrow. No media. And yet, I know I won't do it.I want to see what happens next.
I can learn a lot. I am no Koch brothers. Contribute in small amounts.
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