Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A wonderful Kansas day

I've been fretting and pouting all week over politics.I could tell it was all making me literally sick. I knew that Sunday would be my day to either A.) No media B) no computer and C) Listening to music that calmed me or just get out of the house!

Fall KS_web

But today was one of those gorgeous early Fall Kansas days, Clouds, sunshine and wind, no warmer than about 62 degrees. Cold or warm wherever you were. Kids band (Well, 3 out of 4 are verifiable family members and we might have adopted the 4th sometime in the past 25 years..) The Wheatbenders were playing at Fieldstone Orchard near Overbrook Kansas. It was Farm Tour weekend.

Wheatbenders at Farm Tour web

Grandkids were there and with daughter Liz leading the pack, we went apple and pear picking.
Liz and Anna
Fall Liz and anna web

Here is Maya helping Kellar with her picker.
Fall Maya and K pick_web

Owen tasting a pear.
fall Owen  web

It was a wonderful day. I needed a wonderful day to remind me of what is important.
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