Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Back from Indiana

We celebrated Mom's 96th birthday.

Mom's 96th birthday web

Mom is now living in an assisted living facility. It is truly a nice place. But it is not her "home". She wants to go back to her home. But after she fell for the 4th time, we had to move her for safety reasons. She is also quite forgetful some days and then the next she is very sharp.

The quote of the week was, from Mom "You know Brenda, I think I am starting to show my age." She doesn't realize that not only has she always been a knockout, but she still, at age 96 looks great. Here she is with one of her 11 grandchildren, Bruce. He, by the way, is the nicest guy on earth.

Mom's 96th with Bruce web

Sometimes Mom gets depressed and sometimes when we get together I see her laugh almost to the point of tears with me. I delivered more cold weather clothes to her little apt. at assisted care yesterday. She had already gone to cocktail hour and was sitting all well dressed, laughing, with a friend. What were they laughing about? The fact that they both were there, in part, because they keep forgetting.

And grand-daughter Anna had a 7th grade Choir concert. Anna, for about a year, won't let me take her photo, she says because she isn't pretty. Well, there are a bunch of pretty girls in 7th grade. So, I sneak in close and just take her photo when she is not looking. Oh, that smile...I think she is beautiful inside and out.
Maybe you can tell which one she is. And she can sing too.

Anna 7th grade concert 2
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