Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Fall is getting away from me...

I finally got myself out for a drive today. I find barns reassuring. In the back of my mind I always wanted to live in a barn. I think I was overly impressed by the Manger story and the legend that all the animals spoke on Christmas Eve. Well, yes, I am still pretty gullible...

Barn for web

I can already see how it should be remodeled into a house with all this studio space or bedrooms or kitchen dining areas. Maybe there are plans for smaller barns. Maybe there are house plans for very barn-like tiny houses. Maybe I could buy some land at the edge of town and build a tiny barn-like house. Maybe pigs can fly.

I took the dogs to the edge of the State Park, where there are some really nice stands of grass. Since the dogs are used to walking on paved streets when on leash, we spent most of our time getting wound up in our long lines. Whenever the dogs found an interesting scent, they had to roll in it. (Probably where deer slept). It reminded me of a scene from Mel Brooks "Young Dr. Frankenstein" with Terry Garr, lying in a hay cart or something. Her words were, said with a rolled R, "RRRRoling in the Hay, RRRolling in the Hay". I imagine my dogs would've said that today, if they could.

fall field postcard_web
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