Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A picker at heart

At the tail end of babysitting Owen and Kellar, while their parents had obligations, we ended up watching American Pickers. I used to do this, back when I had a shop, 20 years ago almost. Owen's comment "I Love this!" Kellar's comment, age 5, "It seems to me they are spending a lot of money." I had to explain how they bought something for $1. and then sold it for $2.

Back when I was a picker, I read Larry McMurtry's novel "Cadillac Jack". My favorite quote was, perhaps paraphrased..."Anything can be anywhere."

I went to our Habitat for Humanity resale store. Just junkin'. And there I found these voltive candle holders for about $1. each. Perfect for Lawrence Kansas, where the woods meet the plains. Probably made far, far away. Twig exterior with a bit of circular shell.
These have brought me nightly satisfaction. Not just by construction but also by their reflelections on the wall.
 Woody candles for web
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