Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A Whirl of Days

Somehow we get to Christmas. But I am barely doing catch-up on LJ.

Many presents mailed to East Coast. Many delivered to local homes.

I am having a party Dec. 23, called Bringing Home Christmas with soup and a live (family) band and beer. Mostly family Band with 2 wonderful friends. I feel almost certain that I don't have enough food. I have vegetable soup for sure. I fret things like that. The old, "Is this Enough, even if I make tiny sandwiches or an extravaganza fruit plate and cookies?"
The odd thing, in Kansas, is that people usually bring something.
Sure hope they do. It is a short party-4-8 tops. Plenty of time to order a pizza,right?

I want to offer an open home, dogs and all... singing and all. Kids and silliness. Like that. The things I love. I don't want anyone with too much beer or wine...GOTTA FEED THEM!

Sleet turning to ice to snow tomorrow...We get somewhat vague weather reports, depending how the wind or currents turn. We have 1 inch of snow...or 7.

This year I ordered from my niece-in-law Joni some felted creatures for my all animal tree.She asked me to send some Emmy Golden retriever hair, so I did. She caught gesture just right. You can't see Bodie except by day light but he is kind of spectacular too.

Em on the tree

Em on the tree 2_
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