Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A very quiet New Year's eve.

New Year's Eve flower for web

This is the night, more than most, where I become quiet and reflective. I think on the past year and the good parts and not so good parts. What can I change and what do I just accept? What do I do again that brings me closer to Peace? Closer to who I hope to be?
There are those that need healing and a world that needs some healing too.

I have found that when I act from my heart, when I do what my soul says to do I do the most good. Sometimes this means declining invitations and being a bit of a hermit. Sometimes it means meeting up with friends with a full heart, ready to be present.

Winter is sometimes dark. So I put lights and candles around the house to remind me. Greater light is coming

Wishing you a pleasant New Year's Eve and the beginning of a wonderful New Year.
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